Astronomy & Astrophysics / Science

Scientific Journals



  • AstroPy - community based Python project
  • Bokeh - interactive visualization library
  • Django - Web apps
  • emcee - Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Ensemble sampler
  • Itertools - Functions for efficient looping
  • Matplotlib - 2D plotting library
  • NumPy - Fundamental package for scientific computing with Python
  • Pandas - Library for data structures
  • PyFITS - library providing access to FITS files
  • Python Graph Gallery - Plotting in Python
  • PyVideo - Talks about Python
  • PyMC - Bayesian statistical models and fitting algorithms, including Markov chain Monte Carlo.
  • Seaborn - Statistical data visualization
  • SciPy - open-source software for mathematics, science, and engineering
    • Lecture Notes - One document to learn numerics, science, and data with Python

Color schemes and palettes for nice plots

News, Blogs etc.

Machine Learning

Blogs / News / etc.



  • TestPressing - Easily one of my favorite blogs about underground (mostly) dance music. Vinyl releases and re-pressings you won’t hear about somewhere else.
  • Délicieuse Music - French Music Blog. Everything between Afro-Beat and Valium House.
  • SSSSOUND! - Great blog about electronic music. However, the last post is from October 2015.
  • Radio 80000 - Munich based, non profit radio project. Daily shows from 8am until midnight (CET).


  • HUH - Always a good source for new Movies, Music, Stories, Fashion, Memes etc. etc.
  • Quanta - News from Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Computer Science
  • humans of late capitalism - A collection of pictures showing the absurdity and perversity of modern capitalism.
  • Edge - Blog about the edge of the worlds knowledge, interviews with leading scientists
  • LonelySpeck - Blog about Astrophotography
  • AstroPhotoBear - Blog about Astrophotography

Record Stores

  • PhonicaRecords - London based record store. Always worth listening through their Essentials and DJ Charts.
  • Decks - German record store with a huge collection of mostly electronic and dance music records.
  • MutingTheNoise - Berlin based record store with a small but high in quality selection of new deep house and techno vinyl releases.
  • HivernDiscs - Record store of the same-named label. 
  • PacificBeachVinyl - San Diego based record store. 
  • Discogs - Online Second-Hand record store

Great YouTube Channels

  • Numberphile - Videos from Mathematicians about Numbers, Math and  Mathematicians
  • DeepSkyVideos - Videos from Astronomers about Astronomy and astrophysical objects
  • The School of Life - Motivating and positive Videos about the difficulties and pleasures of being a human being
  • OOUKFunkyOO - Underground Electronic Music with crazy and weird Videos
  • Vox - US politics
  • The Coding Train - Youtube channel from Daniel Shiffman about Coding (Deep Learning, Machine Learning, etc.)


  • Mucbook - Culture, Events, Life in Munich etc.
  • TwoInARow - Music, Events, Shops, Restaurants etc.