Curriculum Vitae



Max Plack Institut for Extraterrestrial Physics & European Southern Observatories, Garching, Germany & Santiago, Chile


  • Ph.D in Astronomy & Astrophysics, MPE & ESO, 2016 - expected submission: January 2019
    • Thesis Topic: Gamma-Ray Bursts and their host galaxies: studying the high redshift interstellar medium
    • Supervisors: Dr. Patricia Schady, Dr. Jochen Greiner and Dr. Cédric Ledoux
    • Studentship: Thesis is 60% funded by ESO (ESO Studentship, Chile, Sep. 2016-Sep. 2018)


  • Undergraduate Research Assistant, MPE, 2013 - 2015


Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany


  • Master of Nuclear, Particle & Astrophysics (M.Sc.), 2013 - 2015
    • Thesis Topic: The light curves and SEDs of Gamma-Ray Bursts beyond redshift 4
    • Supervisor:  Dr. Jochen Greiner
  • Master of Philosophy in Science & Technology (M.A.), 2013 - 2016
    • Thesis Topic: Aspects of a phenomenological interpretation of nothingness
    • Supervisor: Dr. Tobias Jung
  • Bachelor of Physics (B.Sc.),  2010 - 2013
    • Thesis Topic: Photometric redshift determination of BL Lacertae objects
    • Supervisor: Dr. Jochen Greiner


Physics Tutor: Quantum Mechanics I, TUM, Summer Semester 2016


Private Coach in mathematics and physics, Munich, Studenten-Ring, 2012-2013



  • On site at the ESO La Silla observatory: three observing runs at the 2.2m, ~30 nights
  • Remote: several nights per month since 2013 (GROND, X-Shooter, ePESSTO)


Data Analysis

  • NIR/optical: 2.2m/GROND, VLT/X-shooter
  • X-ray: Swift/XRT


Computing, Programming Languages

  • Python, R, bash, Matlab, Latex, Adobe (Illustrator, Lightroom), Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint), Pages, Keynote



  • German: native
  • English: fluent
  • French, Spanish, Greek: basics

Talks, Workshops, Conferences & Meetings

EWASS 2017: European Week of Astronomy and Space Science 

(Prague, June 26-30, 2017) 


ESO/OPTICON School on Use and Data Reduction of X-shooter and KMOS (Garching, May 9-13, 2016)


Dark Cosmology Center, Niels Bohr Institut - Visitor Program

(Copenhagen, April 11-15)