Jan Bolmer



Hi there, I am Jan. I am a Ph.D student doing research on Gamma-ray Bursts and their host galaxies. More precisely, I am using GRBs as background sources to study the high-redshift interstellar medium and star forming regions at high redshift (z > 1.8). 

Currently I am on a two year long studentship at the European Southern Observatories in Santiago de Chile, before finishing my Thesis in Munich at the Max Planck Institute for extraterrestrial Physics. Here on my homepage you will find my CV, a short description of my research projects as well as a list of publications.

You are also invited to take a look at some of the pictures I made while traveling through Chile, Greece and other countries. As more of a personal collection you can also find some interesting links about Astrophysics, Science and Culture as well as a collection of links and quotes concerning some philosophy I am interested in (in german).