Jan Bolmer



Hi there, I am Jan. I am a Ph.D. student doing research on gamma-ray bursts and their host galaxies. More precisely, I am using GRBs as background sources to study the physical conditions of the interstellar medium and star-forming regions in high-redshift galaxies. 

After a two year long studentship at the European Southern Observatories in Santiago de Chile, I just returned to the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Munich where I will finish my thesis in March. Here on my homepage, you will find my CV, a short description of my research projects as well as a list of publications.

You are also invited to take a look at some of the pictures I made while traveling through Chile, Greece and other countries. As more of a personal collection, you can also find some interesting links about Astrophysics, Science and Culture as well as a collection of links and quotes concerning some philosophy I am interested in (in German).